Common places

Upon entering the Manor of Keraouël, you will discover a home that has been modified over the centuries, adapted to the comforts and needs of each era.

Entering through the south door, you will find a large dining room to your left.

Pass through this and you will reach a generously sized living room, the use of which can be included as an optional extra for your stay.

To the right of the dining room, you will come across a cosier living room, this is a multipurpose room that can serve as a living room, a small home theatre or, if you opt for the use of the large living room as well, it can be used as a playroom for any children in the group. Located to the right of the entrance are the breakfast room, kitchen and the old dairy - the coolest room in the manor where household appliances are kept.

Looking for more information? You can find the exact services and equipment available on the ‘Our Hospitality’ page.

Our hospitality

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