The chapel & the park

Manor of Keraouël would not be this magnificent estate without its chapel and park.

The Domestic Chapel is dedicated to Saint Anne, patron saint of Brittany. Very close to the manor, she protects him. Its sundial reminds us of the motto " Vigil securitas" which means "Who watches is safe"

The 20 acres park is populated by large century-old beech trees, chestnut trees, ash trees. Don't be surprised to discover a Chinese palm tree or a semper virens sequoia at the bend of a lane. Enough to make nice walks for adults or cabannes for the youngest.

The song of birds will particularly enchant you: red throats, blue tits, European greens. In the morning, you will see the heavy flight of the busards flying off the lawn. During the day the pic-green will hammer a trunk. And don't be frightened at night by the owl or maybe the hulotte.

You are in the wonderful heart of nature.

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