The history of the mansion

The story of Keraouël, the long and the small!

A long history

The first Renaissance manor was probably built on the site between 1450-1480, part of which remains in the south wing.

The manor was completed by the 17th century, between 1630-1660, in the typical Louis XIII style with a two-storey square design, extending the original Renaissance dwelling. A further pavilion to the west and two to the north finalised the manor, these extensions testify to the prosperity of the manor’s owners at the time, Jean, Toussaint and then Sébastien Le Borgne de la Tour, who died upon the completion of the domestic chapel in 1677.
The manor was constructed by an unknown master builder. The building displayed a real mastery of 17th-century architecture, marrying elegance, harmony and simplicity. The mansion was modified at the end of the 19th century, to repair damages sustained during the French Revolution.

The little story

We can tell you all you want to know on the history of Keraouël, the 16th century, the Revolution and who knows what else.

As far as I’m concerned, Keraouël has always been there. There are all my memories of holidays at my grandparents’ with my older and younger cousins. I remember the joy of our reunions after spending the rest of the year spread around the country. I can still hear the cackling of all us cousins and recall the jokes of the older ones, waiting outside the door of the only toilet, the beach excursions to Keremma or PorsMeur, pancake night or St Louis’fest, celebrated in honour of my grandfather. I remember the carefree and spontaneous manner in which these days at Keraouël were spent. I also recollect the nostalgia of the departures, when each of us left with the uncles and aunts.

I also remember a strict and taciturn grandfather, who made us do our holiday homework, and Granny, who would go into the village on her Solex to give injections and who would force us to eat the very last spoonful of a soup that we didn't like. There was Uncle Jean, who could repair the irreparable and was known for his expletives when a clock he was repairing was proving uncooperative.

Then my grandparents disappeared. The torch was passed to Dad who, just before my wedding, carried out extensive works to provide the mansion with electricity and heat, as well as roofing the oldest part of thehouse, and Mum, a city girl who finally succumbed to the charm and calm which Keraouël offers. Mum then Dad also left us. Despite the memories, despite the charm and serenity that it brought him, Dad used to call Keraouël “his white elephant”. Nobody really rushed to take responsibility and bring it back to life.

What to do with Keraouël?

Guy, my husband, could feel my father’s sadness at seeing this little jewel pass into others’hands.

So my husband and I thought that we needed to keep Keraouël alive by making us heritage purveyors, heritage full of soul, and by inviting other families and groups of friends to come here so that they too could draw from the freshness, youthnesless and serenity that Keraouël offers to its guests.

That is how the idea of renting out Keraouël as holiday accommodation came about. But first extensive work had to be carried out to create the modern comfort that is expected from such accommodation nowadays. Every year, we restore a section of roof, a painting, a floorboard, the electricity or the plumbing with the help of our faithful neighbours, friends and craftsmen...

Things have progressed significantly in the last 25 years but still are not finished. Thanks to all our holidaymakers and visitors who help us to achieve our work as purveyor of heritage.

So welcome to our home and have a wonderful stay at Keraouël.


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